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We are a leading manufacturer and installer of architectural aluminum windows and doors.

We service the Geelong region, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast. Our team have been making windows and doors at our manufacturing premises in Geelong for over 40 years.

We manufacture bold and beautiful, modern designs using advanced manufacturing technology to achieve the best performance under Australian conditions.

Our windows and doors are custom made with innovative design solutions in mind, providing a wide range of commercial and residential products to suit architectural requirements, durability specifications, energy efficiency and meet bush fire safety standards.

Your aluminium window and door experts.

We work with Builders, Architects and homeowners to achieve the desired look and performance ratings to meet the highest standards.

Our window and door selection offer a range of highly functional designs and products to meet the specifications of any project.

The right windows change everything.

Windows and doors command careful consideration from conception. Offering energy efficiency, acoustic functionality, visibility, aesthetics and style to a building. They have a huge impact on the interior and exterior of your home, don’t leave them as an afterthought.

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